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柘城袁伟|脉诺通Lieutenant smell speech eyes a bright, promised 1, began to command the flag officer.As for the voices of opposition, no one cares, There are always people in the world who feel that everything others do is wrong, Opposing lyu3 bu4, but comfortably enjoy lyu3 bu4 brought all kinds of benefits, for this kind of person, in the guanzhong is not popular, but lyu3 bu4 in speech, as long as it is not malicious incitement to trouble or defamation policy, some of his personal remarks, is not very concerned about.Zhuge Liang did not answer. It was a long time before he opened his eyes, looked at them, shook his head and said, "Tell General Yide to prepare to withdraw his troops."

"You're obviously not a hard nut to crack." Lu Zheng looked at Wu Jin and shook his head in disappointment. "I want to know all your plans. I don't want to waste my time.""Don't worry about male seedlings!" Tardif smiled confidently and proudly said, "He tried to kill me, but it wasn't that easy!""Oh, that champion Hou know my name?" Ma self-deprecating wry smile.柘城袁伟|Li Yan can feel the foot of the wall seems to be shaking, and then the shield like the shield wall is now easily broken by the crossbow arrow, followed by the special arrow through the shield, the arrow on the four pieces of metal suddenly bounced off, like claws.

柘城袁伟|Stay back, only to find that PianJiang was at least a dozen arrows through the body nailed to the ground, and look around, their own dry QinWei also poured a piece, not bitter, hurriedly waved to his men to send a signal, let the other side of the troops from behind the enemy....Sun quan looked at zhang zhao, eyes flashed complex look, from lv meng against jiangxia, sun quan has moved to destroy liu bei, then with cao cao alliance, against lyu3 bu4's mind, and this time, if lyu3 bu4 intervene, regardless of victory or defeat, but jiangdong, I'm afraid will be lyu3 bu4 seize the opportunity to penetrate, sun's position in jiangdong, will be shaken by lyu3 bu4.

Desolate horn accompanied by rumbling drums, jingzhou military forces and shu army poured out of the barracks, began to attack deyang, without the guanzhong elite strong bow crossbow, this time, don't have to worry about being suppressed by each other with crossbows, the battlefield seems to have returned to this era.Looked at zhang fei panic fled, wei just slightly relieved, since the guanzhong crossbow formation, this is the first time wei played a positive contact war, three thousand guanzhong soldiers, the battle lost nearly five hundred people, although jingzhou army lost more, after the war inventory, can escape back to absolutely no more than two thousand people, but wei still feel lost."Why should the general chagrin, today you fight guan yu, general prestige, will spread throughout the world in a few days. He Qi see tardif came back safely, but is relieved, smell speech can not help smiling explanation way.柘城袁伟|





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