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徐招网owy5重庆天宸律师事务所"For now, let the men take turns to rest, leave part of the men on the wall of the police, once guan yu have action, immediately signal warning." Lu su sink a track."No way!" Wu Jin unbelieving look to the outside of the account, but see a general with a head in, to lu zheng bowed down: "less master, wu jin troops have been defeated by our army, thief head wu chao has ambush, the rest are down."Now guan yu break wood mulberry, even cut jiangdong generals, also calculate to help liu bei gave a sigh of relief, but now the situation, although guan yu, but liu bei faintly feel a little wrong, so deep down, guan yu will become a lone army.

"Yes, although this armor is invulnerable, not sink in the water, but only afraid of fire." Yan Yan nodded and laughed. "But if you can get this armor to help you, you can use it as a miracle soldier, and you can have a miracle effect!""Oh ~" Wei Yan put on armor, took the sword sent up by QinWei, sneer at a way: "Then let me see, that Zhuge Liang out of the archery to break my array! Point out of the camp!"徐招网owy5Zhuge liang see grain road has wei yan protection, had to change the strategy, water from the pad river, want to use the water potential impact on the city, pang tong is based on the moat, water to downstream.

徐招网owy5"Close your doors and wait for him to attack, fortify his walls, fortify his defenses, and drag Zhuge Liang into the quagmire of war. When he wants to retreat, he will have to spit out what he eats, even if it is profitable.""Rear team back, prepare for battle!" Wei yan obviously feel that zhang fei ill-intentioned eyes staring at his side, can't relax the surveillance of the other military forces, but the enemy in the rear has also jumped out of the woods at the moment."Or, how about we attack directly? In fact, as long as there are two generals Xie Yun and Li Hun, we are enough to break the secretariat office." Zhao home owner zhao hong frown way.

"You see, Quoa is a port, more benefit water war, although Guan Yu did defense in the port, but obviously not water war, defense is full of mistakes and omissions, He Qi, Zhou Tai!""Water attack?" Ezra pound and blanc startled to wei."I 'll have to try to find out if it' s too loud!" Zhang Fei stuffy hum 1, sneer at to Wei Yan, a pair of ring eyes, flashing dangerous light.徐招网owy5




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