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无限挑战120121便宜t恤批发"General Meng Qi was so brave that he opened my eyes." Linjing, after an overnight rectification, Early the next morning, Marotta and d meet, For d rash forward didn't mention a word, From the result, although the damage is heavy, but last night d's record is quite amazing, with, burn when, two camps are almost destroyed by d a person, plus d at that time crazy, really frightened many people, after zhang embroidery, ma dai can smoothly fall, all thanks to d deterrence at that time, make these lives without the slightest resistance."Son of a bitch!" Larocca scold 1, backhand will hand silver spear to Ma Tie, even if can't kill d, also want to kill Ma Tie first."The defenders of the city listen, zhang is not benevolent, unprovoked kill my messenger, insult my military power, immediately open the gates, surrender zhang both, otherwise, when the city is broken, chicken and dog do not stay!" Wei yan's face showed a ferocious color, regardless of what he has, the city, Lao tze to set!

"I don't know, only know the number is huge, the huns five, I'm afraid all came." Shaken his head, lyu3 bu4 strive to put the boiling murderous atmosphere in his chest."Newspaper, the xiongnu army vanguard troops have arrived at the pastoral slope!"无限挑战120121Locust, satrap mansion.

无限挑战120121Said finally, lyu3 bu4 eyes are gradually dense with endless opportunities to kill, Yang Xi remind, let him think of a very important thing... Five random China!The smell of blood was filling the air, Even tens of zhangs away from the wall, can also smell the pungent smell, just looking at the scene of the fierce collision, let ChengTou garrison heart sparkling, zhang both want to send troops, to help cao peng, but looking at those who have even fallen soft on the ground garrison, finally can only helplessly give up the plan."Kill them all!" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1, the huns have no effect, keep will only become a marching burden, lyu3 bu4 nature will not continue to accustom them, since dare to make trouble, just give lyu3 bu4 excuse.

"What are you doing?" County commandant as if to find the outlet to vent his anger, stare at the garrison way.Seibel gathered under the account of the warriors, spread out the map, frown at the map."Monsieur, let go!" D knelt on the ground, With a look of loneliness: "Chao has tried to counter-attack several times before, Is defeated by Korea hence the old dog, soldiers trapped in jing, if there is no Mr, super self-knowledge no victory, today, Mr D worship, since today, my horse home from d, all listen to Mr Orders, Mr Help me to revenge, as long as you can blade Korea hence, revenge for my horse home, d would like to honor Wen Hou Orders, since then, no Ma Jiajun! "无限挑战120121




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